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Peated Rye

Peated Rye

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Americans are getting used to the idea of peat in their whiskeys, something still relatively new on our side of the Atlantic. Clear Creek in Oregon was the first to use peated malt to make an American whiskey, but we were the first to use it to make bourbon. We’ve also put up a few barrels of rye, and if peat makes bourbon a little more complex, it sends rye into completely uncharted territory. Akin to trying scotch or bourbon for the very first time, our Peated Rye offers one the chance to experience an entirely new category of spirits. Winner of the first-ever ACSA 2020 innovation award in whiskey, which was created “to honor an innovative, remarkable spirit that is not commonly associated with a flavor profile in a known spirits category."

We’ve continued to barrel small amounts of Peated Rye at the end of each year’s rye distilling season and Peated Rye Batch #4 marks our first Peated Rye release in three years, as well as our first-ever at cask strength. From a sample set of 50 barrels over the age of four, only the five most exceptional were selected for this black-label, distillery-exclusive blend. The result forges an entirely singular flavor profile — not just within our own portfolio, but perhaps also across the wider spectrum of world spirits. A nose of barbecue char, raisin bread, and mahogany leads into an exceptionally rich palate of maraschino, black pepper, honey, maple, cigar tobacco, and antique wood. Early on in the sip, the peat presents as a subtle and somewhat earthy undertone, before transforming into a thick, brisket-like layer of smoke through the balanced, lengthy finish. Only 190 bottles made.

Limit 2 bottles per customer.