FAQs – Kings County Distillery


I have an issue with my order.

Please send us an email at support@accelpay.io or call us at (929) 348-2729 and we will assist you as quickly as we can.

Do you ship to me?

We can ship to 47 states! The states we cannot ship to are:

  • Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan

These states have restricted laws that just simply bar us from legally shipping to you.

How do you ship to me?

All sales processed and fulfilled by unaffiliated, third-party retailers on the AccelPay network. The checkout functionality is provided solely for the convenience of our consumers.

Are your whiskeys vegan? Organic? GMO-free? Gluten-free? 

All products are vegan except for the honey moonshine. All whiskeys are GMO-free and frequently use organic and local ingredients wherever possible. All of our whiskeys are gluten-free, but made in a facility that processes ingredients with gluten.

Why is your whiskey so expensive?  Compared to commercial bourbon from Kentucky?

We’re an independent small business, not owned by an international conglomerate, and we make a fraction of what even the smallest commercial Kentucky distiller makes. We also never buy whiskey made by anyone else and package it as our own. This is surprisingly common in whiskey and you can learn more about it here or here. Our pricing is in line with other craft producers or small wineries and breweries that have a similar philosophy. 

What makes your whiskey different? 

We use local organic ingredients, unusual mashbills, pot stills for a richer, more flavorful spirit, and we age our whiskey longer than many of our craft peers. We also put more emphasis on the sensory aspect of blending, which is one of the reasons we believe we’ve won so many awards in blind-tasting competitions, year after year.

What should I get for my friend who likes….?

We make a variety of whiskeys that appeal to all different kinds of whiskey appreciators. We do a holiday gift guide each year, you can see the most recent one here.