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Kings Code "Riona"

Kings Code "Riona"

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Introducing Kings Code Whiskey: a collaboration with Irene Tan and Kings County Distillery.

With an insatiable passion for excellence, whisky sommelier and private barrel aficionado, Irene Tan, has traversed the globe, meticulously collecting fine whiskeys from privately owned small distilleries.

Using the same instinct and intellectual precision she has used for decades as a software coder, Irene blends each batch of Kings Code whisky crafting an unforgettable experience that caters to both seasoned collectors and whisky novices alike.

Irene strives for a unique and mesmerizing experience by blending the liquids to decode just what it is that thrills us when drinking the best of world whiskies. Two nations came together for this exceptional blend.

A delightful nose, a rich palate and a long finish: crack the code with Irene Tan.

Age Statement: 5 year. A blend of 5- and 6-year American whiskey and 6-year old whiskey from Ireland. Copper pot distilled from malted barley.

Barrel Proof at 60.4% alc./vol.

Batch 1 “RIONA”