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Kings Code "Touch of Bessie"

Kings Code "Touch of Bessie"

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If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Kings Code Batch 1 Riona, then I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy Kings Code Batch 2. A Touch Of Bessie which has a wee hint of Islay albeit not from Laphroaig, but still, in honor of the first woman distillery owner of Laphroaig, Bessie Williamson, in the 70s, this whiskey has her namesake.

This blend of American Single Malt from Virginia Distillery Company, Irish Whiskey from Clonakilty Malt and a Scottish Single Malt from Islay, is unlike any vatted malt ever created before because no one thought to or dared to do so.

Age Statement: 5 year. A blend of 5- and 6-year American whiskey, 6-year old whiskey from Ireland. Copper pot distilled from malted barley. 

Barrel Proof at 59.5% alc./vol. 

Batch 2 “Touch of Bessie”